Location: Galerie Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam
Exhibition: Buiten de perken
Date: May – June 2015


On the continuum from flower piece to landscape, Bruggemans so-called “nature objects” must be situated somewhere between flower piece and garden. By all standards these nature objects are too large to be considered a flower piece. They are certainly not gorgeous, splendid or magnificent in the way flower arrangements and bouquets are. And while some of Bruggemans nature objects do contain flowers, others do not.


Natureobject #18, lacks any floral content. Instead it comprises a great variety of dead plant materials from indigenous and exotic plants, bushes and trees. Bruggeman has added some living plants as well. The blue metal frame, normally a frame for a plant container, is turned around and holds everything together and is now functioning as a kind of garden fence. Like so many gardens, this nature object radiates complete freedom: any plant that pleases the eye could have been chosen. There are no strict rules or planting schemes; accidence plays an important part in the composition. Just like an ordinary backyard garden it even contains stuff that is not botanical at all, in this case some discarded car tires.